We used to be the guys behind the guys behind the guys

Like so much contraband we’d been stepped on numerous times
before you met us in the conference room or on the set and
We put some rubber on the road

Now we’re just guys
We got older ≈ We got smarter ≈ We had kids
We burnt the candle in our formative years and our midlife crisis is
charged with play dates, a quest for meaningful community and
A harmless future
Good news really
We do this work out of choice and when we do it
We are tireless
Virtual ≈ Outside-of-the-box ≈ Boutique
Call it whatever you want
We bring competence to your needs and

Our bench is deep
Our strategy relies on a peer community of highly skilled,
Independent and self-sufficient adults and
We are only as strong as our weakest relationship
What do you want? What do you need?
Whether you know what you want or not,
We’re the fastest way to get there
Even if you go with the big guys
You’ll probably see us somewhere down the road
Wouldn’t it be easier just to start now?
© In Process Media 2006